Friends of Japan : Fukushima

Check this video!!

Let me share  this wonderful video with you.

About 6 years have passed since the Fukushima nuclear disaster occurred on March 11 , 2011.

As you know, the huge earthquake and tsunami struck the East Coast Japan.


What images do you have about “Fukushima”?

We see lots of frightening images on the web….

In this video, the professor McMichael  says ” Most of these have nothing to do with Fukushima, and are completely false.”

I hope many people from the world come and visit here, and be storytellers to share the truth about  real Fukushima to the world.


Enjoy watching the video!!!






RAKUZEN wooden tablewares collection

I went and saw a RAKUZEN tableware designer, Aki Ohtake.


The one on the left is Aki, and on the right is me.

She has worked as a designer for more than 10 years and  works on developing the RAKUZEN series with real passion.

So what is RAKUZEN?

The RAKUZEN wooden tableware series was jointly developed by  traditional Aizu lacquerware craftsmen, NPO corporation Shalom for the people with disabilities and a designer.


4 colors of RAKUZEN bowl


” RAKUZEN” literally means ” confortable tableware.”

They are designed to be easy to hold.

Can you see the extra grip at the bottom of the bowl?

This design is universal ― anyone can easily hold it.




” Our RAKUZEN tablewares collection is for everyone.  I designed them to be  easy to use regardless of disability, age, or background.”

Aki expressed enthusiasm for her work.


The shop has RAKUZEN bowl, plate, chopstickes and small sake cup.


This is a RAKUZEN sake cup.

It is so fun to find one heart shape after poring sake into the cup.

I really liked it on sight , but unfortunately, they are out of stock.

Of course, I’ve reserved it without delay!

I  want everyone to know how great RAKUZEN product is💕


Check it out! ↓

楽膳~ RAKUZEN  wooden tableware series 

Ashikaga Flower Park

I went to Ashikaga Flower Park on April 25th.

Ashikaga Flower Park 

The Park is in Tochigi Prefecture, it takes about 3 hours from my house in Fukushima.

It is very famous for its wisteria flowers.

Admission fee changes every day depends on the bloom condition. We payed 1300 yen on that day(little bit expensive).

There are many wisteria-trellis in the park, we can enjoy violet, white , pink and yellow wisteria flowers.  But the flowers bloomed later than last year, we saw only violet and white wisteria. Sad…..


2017-04-25 12.00.54.jpg

2017-04-25 11.50.41.jpg

Fragrance of flowers hanged in the air.


2017-04-25 12.03.34.jpg

Wisteria and Japanese azalea



2017-04-25 11.54.34.jpg

Doubled- flowered (Yae-zakura) cherry trees were  in full bloom.

My mother and I enjoyed strolling around the town.


2017-04-25 12.58.47.jpg

The sign says ” Fuji sofuto” in Japanese, literally means wisteria ice cream corn.

It does taste like wisteria. It was not too sweet and very tasty!


Well, we really had a good time there and also enjoyed driving along the expressway.

Isn’t it so nice to be surrounded by beautiful flowers??

We were able to get refreshed in the garden!