Cards on the table ~Agatha Cristie~

This is a review about the TV drama ,”Cards on the table”.


This is one of the best of Agatha Christie’s mystery novels featuring Hercule Poirot.

I recommend that people should have read the book first!

Who wrote this story? It is not Agatha Christie!

The ending is completely stupid in this drama…..

I would like to ask why today’s scriptwriters make changes the ending. Is it really necessary??

There is no gay people in the book, but the scriptwriter put some gay men into the drama.

I read some review about this drama and they say,

“ the girl whom Despard saves is switched from Rhoda Dawes to Anne Meredith, seemingly for no reason at all”

“The movie gave the impression that Anne and Rhoda were lovers, but in the book, both were lusting over Major Despard, especially Rhoda.”

Rhoda, she is in exuberant spirits. I really love her character, but in this drama…….oh dear.

Please read the book because it is 100% better and original!


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