What Fukushima Means to Me

I really appreciate Yumi wrote about Fukushima on her blog.
As she mentioned, it is so complicated and difficult for us to decide to leave everything and move out.


Time flies so fast-

March 11 this year marks the 3rd year anniversary since the Fukshima Daiichi Plant’s Nuclear Disaster in 2011, but countless issues are still remain unsolved.

I found the article about the 3.11 disaster and it says;

This disaster was caused by not only the massive earthquake and tsunami, but the human error and irresponsibility of the state, nuclear industry and their supporters who prioritize profit over people.



Fukushima leaves us an overwhelming question; are there any safe places, food or water left for us, or for future generations?

I love my hometown so much and hope Fukushima will be the most cleanest place in the world in the future!





Discover Japan

Mount Bandai Photo by Breakover Mount Bandai in Fukushima (会津磐梯山)
Photo by Breakover

What does Fukushima mean to us, Japanese?  The answer depends on who you ask:  For many it is a constant reminder of the nuclear power plant accident, the reason to protest against the danger of nuclear power, a place where their donations and prayers are sent.  For some it is a faraway place where they rarely heard of until the recent tragedy, an obscure northeastern prefecture known for peaches, kokeshi dolls, and onsen.  For me it is my ancestral home where my family lives.

My grandfather was a farmer who grew fruits and vegetables in his small farm near Fukushima city.  Until he died recently at the age of 96 he sent us fresh produce from his farm throughout the year.  My grandmother owned a small market, so she, too, regularly sent us boxes containing various local fruits and vegetables – peaches…

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4 thoughts on “What Fukushima Means to Me

  1. Yumi says:

    Thank you so much for reblogging!


  2. Oh,thank you so much for visiting my blog and your comment!
    I always pray for your family,too.


  3. miwa theresa says:

    Thank for coming to my blog and following! I’ll be looking forward to reading more posts from you 😉

    After reading this particular post I wanted to share a post that I wrote for a previous bilingual blog that I shared with my sisters. We no longer update it and that’s why I now have my own blog now, but the post I wrote about the tsunami and earthquake is something that I felt I should share with you. Fuuka sasetewa ikenaine.

    My thoughts and prayers remain with those who were and still are affected.

    Here’s the link to my post:


    • Thank you ,miwa!
      I visited your blog and your diary about 3.11 made me tears.
      That day we lost so many things.
      My parents-in-law still live in the temporary housing in Kashima…
      To tell you the truth, I don’t want to remember that day of Tsunami, but as you said, I know we must not let memories of that day and the great disaster fade with the passage of time.
      Thank you for sharing!


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