I think I have insomnia….

Why can’t I sleep??

Well, maybe I have TOO MUCH on my mind before going to bed.

I know I need to get a good night’s rest, but I always have difficulty falling asleep.


It’s important to find the sleep strategies.


Drinking hot milk with some sugar.   It works!


Whenever it is hard to fall asleep, I drink a hot milk with some sugar.

I heard before that a hot milky drink can encourage drawsiness because milk contains sleep-enhancing properries such as calcium and typtohan.


I sometimes add some mint.

The flavor is great and more than that, the mint allows my mind relax.


It is also great to enjoy the warm milk feels sliding down my throat!


By the way, how much sleep do you need??健康 デコメ絵文字


I am a person who need six or seven hours, but we know if you sleep seven or eight hours that it increases our risk of dying sooner……Oh I don’t want to believe it.


Maybe five or six hours is the best?

“The best way to figure out is you’re meeting your sleep needs is to evaluate how you feel as you go about your day.”  (HELPGUIDE.ORG)


Hmm……動物 のデコメ絵文字



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