Paper cutting art

Today I am excited to share ‘garden’ with you.

‘garden’ is a paper cutting artist in Japan.

I was blown away when I first saw her beautiful works ハート デコメ絵文字

Here are some cutting art by ‘garden.’    Just awesomeドット のデコメ絵文字




Those are truly  a visual feast!


Now I am delving right into all my to do paper-cutting.

I bought a book by an artist ‘ garden’ the other day and I got through with my  first work .

It took forever to cut and a lot of patience to cut out ………



Well, I can’t say it is perfect, but I enjoyed making it. It was really fun!


I will try some other design in the book next time.

There are other design books by ‘garden’ I found.


Ukiyo-e versionやじるし のデコメ絵文字



I need to go and get themかわいい、ゆるゆる、乙女、スポーツ、西野カナ、きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ のデコメ絵文字



5 thoughts on “Paper cutting art

  1. Well it indeed looks beautiful! 🙂 great work.


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