Extra touch in Autumn

A friend of mine invited me to an exhibition of flower design today.

It is held at Minka-en in Fukushima, it takes only 5 minutes from my house.



With the development of the sericultural industry, the northern part of Fukushima Prefecture prospered as a silk distributing center from the Edo period to the Meiji era. Minka-En is a sylvan parkland museum with an area of 110,000㎡where many types of old Japanese inns, silk-raising farmhouses and historic buildings such as Koyo-Kan and Hirose-Za are displayed. These buildings were dismantled, reconstructed and restored here. The Koyo-Kan, an old Japanese-style restaurant, once was used as the political stage by Hironaka Kono and other political activists for the Freedom-Right Movement and the Meiji Restoration. The Hirose-Za, an old playhouse, which was built in Meiji era, has been designated as an important cultural asset. One can also enjoy an exhibition of the folk materials and family implements used in daily life, as well as the reproduction of old Japanese seasonal annual events.


I really enjoyed the autumn season for art.‼



1411877466577 1411877439747 1411877475973

All these pics were taken from my Galaxy note Ⅲ、a little bit blurry ゜*キティちゃん*゜ のデコメ絵文字……..


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