Getting hives AGAIN!!((+_+))

What a hectic week it was…….



I went to see a skin doctor on Friday .  My nettle rash has broken out again.

I don’t like going to the hospital, but I need to.

The doctor told me that the cause was unclear, but it may be  hives caused by hypersensitivity to a medicine.

I gat a barium meal before a stomach X-Ray on October 3rd.

After that, a rash broke out over my whole body….Yuck!




I am worried that I may have a serious disease.

People with allergies like me, have to be careful what to eat, what to drink.

Anything may cause allergy symptoms.


Ireally want to grow out of it, so now I am working on a dietary therapy.

And No stress.   That is the thing I really want!


Health is better than wealth!(タイトルなし) デコメ絵文字





2 thoughts on “Getting hives AGAIN!!((+_+))

  1. Oh you poor thing! I hope you are feeling better soon. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, Violet! Now I am OK, because I take medicine every day.
    I think it takes time to fully heal, but I won’t give up!!(*’▽’)


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