Preparing for Christmas!

I enjoy doing arty things over the festive season–Christmas!


I made an easy Christmas mobile to hang in the  living room .

This is my No.4 papercutting work.



Putting in a red holy with a shiny bead in the center makes it pretty and exceptionally effective!



I heard that the people in America usually start planning both Thanksgiving and Christmas by Labor Day.

Is that right?



I don’t have a custom to celebrate Thanksgiving , but Christmas is very special.


Although pulling off Christmas each year takes a lot of work to do, I love preparing for it.


I know Christmas is not about the stuff.

It’s about Love for family, friends, Jesus and others in the world.

I love making something or preparing for Christmas while thinking about them.



Now I am working on a wire Christmas tree.

I enjoy myself while making!!



I made my bracelet!

I feel good this morning- I am in a good condition these days.
Hives are gone!(I guess the medicine is working.)


I went to a handicraft shop last month and got some beads and inspiration!


I decided to make a bracelet for myself.
Well, this is my very first time to make an accessory in my life……
I was not sure if I could make it well, but I tried!


And Finally- I did it!!









Purple is one of my favorite colors, so I wanted to use them for my very fisrt bracelet.

However, making a simple loop was so difficult and it took so long to bring it to completion!

I enjoyed it, though.

It’s worth attempting even though we may fail. HaHa!