This life is yours

 Take the power

   to choose what you want to do

             and do it well

Take the power

     to love what you want in life

           and love it honestly

Take the power

     to walk in the forest

           and be a part of nature

Take the power

     to control your own life

           No one else can do it for you

Take the power

     to make your life happy


                                           —- Susan  Polis  Schuts



What are your New Year Resolutions?

May 2015 bring you lots of happiness and success赤色チェック のデコメ絵文字


LoveLOVE デコメ絵文字,





Apple Pie Rose!

I’ve seen some recipe of  Apple Pie Roseバラ のデコメ絵文字 floating around on the Web for a while.

One of my friends uploaded the picture of her beautiful Apple Pie Rose to facebook, and then, I had an urge to make those cute roses!!


“Today for sure I am going to make it!!”


I made a pie using the recipe of Cookpad. (very simple and useful! )



My students gave me a bunch of apples果物だよ。リンゴ のデコメ絵文字 last year, so I decided to use them for my first  Apple Pie Rose!

Thanks, my students!


The reason why I love Cookpad is verrrrry simple.

I don’t need to waste my time.

It took only 30 minutes to make the pie.

Of course I didn’t make a pie dough by myself, I used a FROZEN PIE SHEET.

Forming the roses’ part was the most difficult for me,,,,but I managed to complete it!



Well, this is my very first time to make them, so they’re little distorted……but that’s OK!

They tasted good anyway!

My  sons enjoy eating them for dessert tonight.


I am going to make them again and try hard to improve my skills.

Well, maybe I need to add it to my New Year’s Resolutions….人間 のデコメ絵文字