Snap coin purse

               I made a little snap coin purse!ハート のデコメ絵文字

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I got a lovely flower-printed cutting cloth at 100 Yen Shop in my town.

(100 Yen Shop is a discount shop that sells a wide range of products for 108 yen.

Why 108 yen? 8 yen is a percent consumption tax.)

The reason why I chose this flower pattern is because they look like unikko pattern of a  Marimekko design that I really love!


Here are some lovely unikko designsやじるしっ! のデコメ絵文字

MjAwkZ2TY4FAg4uDYapOMDQwNgwB marimekko02-thumbnail2

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(タイトルなし) デコメ絵文字All materials I need

       Sewing needle

       Small metal clasp

       Small cutting cloth


Choosing and cutting fabric was fun, but tucking and gluing the tops of the purse into the channels in the clasp was fiddly a bit……



It’s not a really well made as a purse.
It’s good enough for me though.スマイル デコメ絵文字



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Was I lucky yesterday?


I drew a prize in a lottery at Lawson yesterday morning!

I got a red wine !!



Well, I don’t believe in getting rich quick, but I have tried the lottery before.



When the cashier lady told me to draw a lottery, I thought〝Maybe it’s a long shot, but I might have a chance this time.”

Without hesitating, I drew the first card I touched.

Then the cashier lady smiled☆シンプル★ のデコメ絵文字 and congratulatedハート線*゜ のデコメ絵文字 me. “You won a red wine!”

I had a bit of good luck‼!(タイトルなし) のデコメ絵文字


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Love the life you live!

Finally, I’m here…..

It has been a long time  (almost 3 months) since I wrote the last blog.

Well, I’ve been very busy with family matters and my work…….things have been a little busy in my ‘real’ world.

Two days after my last post here, my husband caused a single accident on his scooter and stayed in hospital for a month.

He broke  his sternum , collarbone, and scapula on the right side .

Now he is recovering and returned to his work in late March.



Life threw me curves , but I am glad to be back here!


“it seems that these curve balls are coming at us faster and more frequently. We can either let life drag us down or we can rise up to the challenge and get good at utilizing curve balls to make us wiser, stronger, more creative, and more resourceful.”


Well, I think I learned a lot and did a good job!

I want to thank God for his guide and protect my family…..Thank You God for blessing my life in so many ways!!




In many places here in Tohoku Region (the North-Eastern Parts of Japan) , spring feels like it is right around the corner.


The first blossoms start to appear in my town in early April.





-Spring pink.  花だよ。桜の花びら のデコメ絵文字

The heart is buoyant in spring.花だよ。桜の木 のデコメ絵文字