I am a Goshuin Lady!

Have you ever heard of “Goshuin” before?

Goshuin” means vermilion red seals or stamps of Japanese shirines and temples.


This is a book called ” Goshuin-cho” (Book for collection of shrine or temple seals)


We bring the “Goshuin-cho” to the shrines(or temples) when we go to  worship.

Those red seals from each shrines or temples are the proofs of our visitation.

It may sounds like a stamp rally.



Most shrines or temples have their original red seals!!

You can ask a chief priest to put a red seal on your “Goshuin-cho” for only about 300 yen( about 3 dollars).


These are my collection-

1442971813369 1442971803528 1421370782456

1421370771632 1442971795008

I enjoy those beautiful handwritten calligraphy on my “Goshuin-cho“,they are sooo special!





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