Kimono Dressing

I am into kimono💛

I go to the kimono dressing class once a week. It’s so fun!

2016-09-02 16.11.29

↑ Our teacher showed us how to tie a kimono sash belt 〝Obi“.

2016-12-09 16.08.13

Then I did it by myself……..This is called ” O-taiko”, a way of tying a woman’s Obi called drum knot tying.   Usually married women tied a sash in this way.

2016-12-21 18.42.00

〝3 sash belts for 1 kimono ”

It means that you need to prepare 3 sash belts for a kimono,  you can enjoy the different type of style with 3 kinds of sash belts.

I love browsing some kimono stores to find the secondhand Obi😊

Since last year, I have already gotten many secondhand Obi!!!


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