Kimono Dressing

I am into kimono💛

I go to the kimono dressing class once a week. It’s so fun!

2016-09-02 16.11.29

↑ Our teacher showed us how to tie a kimono sash belt 〝Obi“.

2016-12-09 16.08.13

Then I did it by myself……..This is called ” O-taiko”, a way of tying a woman’s Obi called drum knot tying.   Usually married women tied a sash in this way.

2016-12-21 18.42.00

〝3 sash belts for 1 kimono ”

It means that you need to prepare 3 sash belts for a kimono,  you can enjoy the different type of style with 3 kinds of sash belts.

I love browsing some kimono stores to find the secondhand Obi😊

Since last year, I have already gotten many secondhand Obi!!!

Why are Japanese getting married later?

I read the article on the web “Appeal of marriage declining among Japan’s young people” today.




More Japanese are waiting longer to get married as sach year goes by.



The number of Japanese women who work full-time are increasing-

they don’t need to rely on men economically anymore.



Due to economic growth in japan, the number of women’s participating in the workplace has increased.  Moreover, women in Japan are becoming more mentally independent.  Working full-time makes Japanese women feel more confident and as a result they have seized new opportunities for their careers and educations.




And  many people have a wide variety of chioces in terms of marriage.  The number of unmarried couples who have children is increasing.

Most of them  think  that marriage is just a paper contract…..they can still spend as much time as possible with their parents and children whether they get married or not.

That’s why they don’t need to bother to get married.



Some people still live with thier parents even after becoming adults.  Parents can take care of them by doing things such as preparing their meals or doing their laundry.

As a result, many people in Japan think that they don’t need to find partner and choose to remain single instead.



And, sad to say, Japan today is not the ideal environment to raise kids in….


Well, this is just my own idea.    What do you think?

Do you have the similar situation in your country?   I’m just curious.